Samyang 135mm f2 lens


The samyang 135mm f2 lens has a low price tag making it affordable. The 135mm f2 is a manual focus lens with a built with metal and high quality plastics. The focus ring has a smooth feel to it with just the right amount of resistance. This lens is available for Canon, Nikon, Sony E mount and Fujifilm X. The 135mm f2 goes for $772 AUD at digidirect Australia.

With the 135mm f2 it doesn’t have image stabilisation and weather sealing. One thing i never thought i would use is manual focus, as with covering events, portraits and weddings AF has been very important to me. When i received this lens took me a bit to get use to the manual focus, but the advantage of owning the Sony cameras is the focus peaking it has making it easier to use the manual focus and know what is in focus. After using this lens for some time, i have to say i really love this lens. Especially the 135mm focal length which i find outstanding for portraits. My time using this lens I haven’t noticed any CA or colour fringing.

The 135mm f2 produces amazing image quality and are extremely sharp especially wide open. The one thing that i really love about this lens is the bokeh, it produces a really nice soft and creamy bokeh and you get a really nice separation between subject and background.

I have used this lens during portrait and family shoots. Below are some sample images captured with this lens, the images were captured during paid events and not lab tested. Showing you proper results in the real world. All images were captured hand held.

This image was captured with the sony a7ii, f2 shutter 1/400, ISO 250. In this image the bokeh is stunning. This lens produces an amazing seperation between the subject and background

Here is the same image cropped at 1:1 showing you the sharpness and the bokeh in the background.

This was shot with sony a7sii, f2, shutter 1/500, iso 500. I used the godox ad360 in a 48inch octa box to light the subject. With this image i went for more of a tight shot, As you can see the soft creamy bokeh with this image.

Captured at a family shoot using the sony a7sii, f2, shutter 1/200, ISO 200

This is a photo of my daughter captured in the playground. f2, shutter 1/1000, ISO 100

This produces great bokeh, here is an image showing just the bokeh balls. With the bokeh balls in centre the balls are perfectly round whereas the edges the bokeh balls become bit of an egg shape but still pleasing to look at.

If your in the market for a 135mm lens, on a budget and don’t mind manual focus this is the lens i would recommend. For the price of this lens, it produces amazing quality and razor sharp images.

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